2017 Session

This is NoHLA's fourth update of the 2017 session. It includes information on pending bills in the Washington State Legislature that relate to health care access.

This update is current as of April 20 and includes bills that met the deadline to pass out of both the House and the Senate. Some are on their way to the Governor, others require both houses to concur on bill language before they are finally passed, which must occur by Sunday (April 23), the last day of regular session.

Some bills in our previous updates that did not make the cutoff may reappear later if they are considered “Necessary to Implement the Budget” (NTIB), or parts of these bills may appear in the budget bill that is currently under negotiation. In cases where we are aware that this seems likely, we have included the bill information in our update even when the bill appears to be dead. Also, if a special session is called, bills that died in the regular session after passing one house are reintroduced at that time and retained in their present position.

The House and Senate must also agree on a supplemental operating budget by Sunday (April 23) or a special session will be called to resolve differences. This appears very likely. In the meantime, here is our comparison of  provisions in the House and Senate budget bills that relate to health care access.

We hope you find these summaries helpful. Please feel free to share them with others, and contact us if you have any questions.

Our Legislative Work

Since its founding in 1999, NoHLA has promoted state-level policies that improve access to affordable, quality health care for lower-income residents. As part of that work, NoHLA:

  • Participates in broad coalitions, such as the Healthy Washington Coalition, to help identify key issues that affect health care for lower-income Washington residents.
  • Develops policy priorities and advocates for regulatory or legislative solutions.
  • Monitors state bill and budget proposals during each legislative session.