What’s at Stake for Women if the ACA is Repealed?

NoHLA is a participant in a national network of women’s health advocates called Raising Women’s Voices (RWV). This RWV factsheet describes what women could lose if the ACA is repealed. Here are a few of the things that could be repealed right away:
  • Subsidies helping people pay for insurance through the Health Benefit Exchange
  • Low cost insurance for low-income adults
  • Employee insurance

Many other ACA provisions are at risk that could affect women and LGBTQ persons, including the ban on excluding preexisting conditions, the requirement not to charge women more than men, the required coverage of maternity benefits, contraceptive coverage with no copays, the ban on discrimination in health coverage, and Trans-affirming coverage requirements. Some of these changes could be done at the regulatory level without changes in the ACA statute.

RWV is interested in hearing from women who are worried about losing their coverage. Share your answer to the question “What if I lose coverage?” through Raising Women’s Voices’ social media campaign. Share your story using the hashtag #IfILoseCoverage. And see below to share your story with NoHLA too.

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