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Inject Transparency Into Healthcare

Seattle Times calls on state Legislature to "open the curtains and shine light" on "the murky world of health-care insurance appeals." Read more here.

Legislative & Budget Action in Washington State

NoHLA’s first update of the 2015 session on pending bills in the Washington State Legislature that relate to health care access. Thanks to Daniel Gross, Elisabeth Smith and Sarah Kwiatkowski for their help in preparing these materials.

This update is current as of February 20, 2015 which was the deadline for bills to be reported out of their policy committee in the house of origin.

We hope you find these updates helpful. You are welcome to circulate them.

Improving Transparency in Insurance Decisions

NoHLA's new "Report and Recommendations on Washington States Independent Review System" recommends improvements in the system for collecting, analyzing, and making publicly available the decisions issued by Independent Review Organizations when consumers appeal a denial of health insurance coverage. Read more here.

New NoHLA brochure on Individual Health
Insurance in Washington State

Just in time for Open Enrollment for 2015 coverage, this brochure helps you understand the lay of the land so you can be more informed when you enroll.

NoHLA Survey of Health Care Navigators
and Assisters Identifies Issues that Need Attention

Washington has been largely successful in its rollout of health reform coverage expansions. But improvements are needed in some areas, and affordability is still a problem, according to NoHLA's new report on a survey of health care navigators and assisters.

Read our Report

Just Became Pregnant?

Enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) and just became pregnant? Read this FAQ to see how pregnancy may affect your health care coverage.


Adult Dental is back!

Thanks to a strong advocacy effort last year, the Washington Legislature restored dental services to all Medicaid adults, including the new expansion group, effective January 1, 2014. Adult dental benefits had been severely limited in 2011 as a result of recessionary budget cuts (children’s dental benefits were not affected). This fact sheet contains information about what’s covered.


Coverage is Here!
Insurance Options in Washington

Washington Healthplan finder

Read our overview of Health Reform in Washington State and our more detailed guide to Coverage Options in Washington State. Then visit www.wahealthplanfinder.org to explore your options and sign up.


It's not too late to sign up for coverage!

Washington State just extended the deadline to 4/17/2015.

So, if you just found out about the tax penalties, or had trouble enrolling, now you have more time to sign up for low cost health coverage. Read more here.


Now that she has a clean bill of health,
Amy is eager to plant her spring crops



What a great way to kick off Women's History Month. You still have time to#Get Covered

Read Roberta's latest Blog.





Think you don't need health insurance?





Check out Joie's YouTube story and learn how even a simple earache can be a disaster waiting to happen. Take Joie’s advice and #GetCovered today.





Northwest Health Law Advocates (NoHLA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to achieve a seamless health care system, in which all individuals receive affordable, quality care, and are assured of basic rights and protections.

Our work focuses on issues of concern to low-income individuals and families, particularly in Washington State. Please see NoHLA Advocacy for information about NoHLA's recent work.

NoHLA's work involves:

  • Legal consultation to attorneys and advocates on public health insurance programs
  • Legal and policy analysis
  • Training and community education
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Cathy Aby"Within weeks of NoHLA's Medicaid training, I was able to use the information you taught us to identify numerous cases in which families were wrongly denied coverage—and to bring those cases forward to get them resolved.

By giving all of us tools and knowledge to successfully advocate for people, NoHLA has impacted so many lives – making healthcare accessible and helping families avoid financial disaster."

~ Cathy Aby, Health Educator,Public Health – Seattle & King County