GiveBIG 2017: Needed Now More Than Ever

You have ONLY 4 HOURS LEFT to help us get charged up for health care

Thanks to our generous match pool supporters, any donation you make will be doubled in power up to $10,500.

You have the power to propel NoHLA in its efforts to defend vital health programs and to move health care forward in Washington.

You have the power to make a difference.

So far, we have raised $7,000 which means we still need $3,500 to meet our match challenge.

Will you be a hero and help us get there?

Why Give to NoHLA?

Your support allows NoHLA to be the voice for consumers in the healthcare debate. With your help, we can continue to provide high quality analysis, training, and representation to individuals and community groups as we work hard to protect and enhance access to health care coverage and services. Click here to learn more about what NoHLA has been working on and how our work propelled significant changes in health care access that make a difference in the lives of Washington residents.

Unfortunately, we now know that health reform is in danger. President-elect Trump has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act - the foundation for much of this change. Even beyond that, we expect that in the next four years there will be repeated administrative, legislative, and court efforts to dismantle the progress we’ve made and the safety net programs Washington residents rely on.

NoHLA will continue working to make coverage available to those who don’t yet have it.

NoHLA will continue to represent consumer interests as our state implements initiatives to improve how health care is purchased and delivered.

NoHLA will continue to inform you of opportunities to oppose proposals that threaten people’s health care and support those that protect coverage.

Stand with NoHLA to prevent the backsliding, continue to move forward and improve healthcare access for everyone!

You have the power to make a difference. Support NoHLA today.

Thank You

NoHLA wants to thank the Supporters and Board Members who helped establish our $10,500 Match Pool, surpassing our goal by $500!

Their outstanding generosity demonstrates the importance of NoHLA's mission to improve healthcare access for all, and protect the recent improvements made to health care access in Washington.

We hope you are inspired by their commitment and will join them in supporting NoHLA.

Audrey and John Sheffield
Blake and Jodi Marks-Dias
Charlie Mitchell and Holly Chamberlain
Elizabeth and Scott Davis
Julie Severson and Matt Sneddon
Julie Shapiro and Shelly F. Cohen
Kathleen Bradley and Dan Lessler
Kathleen and Tom Lemly
Kris Manos and Dave Shryock
Lori and Steve Buchsbaum
Mark Wener and Corinne Fligner
Sean Corry
Sylvia and Craig Chambers

. . . and 3 anonymous donors.