ALERT: House Vote on AHCA is Today, the Time to Act is Now

The House is expected to begin debate on AHCA this morning and have final votes today, perhaps by 5pm. There are 3 NEW amendments to the bill in hopes to bring in more votes to pass the bill:

  • Repeal Essential Health Benefits (EHB)
  • Add $15 billion to the stabilization fund, which Rep Murphy apparently is claiming as fundig he obtained for mental health (despite the fact that repealing EHB will undermine mental health and substance use coverage)
  • Delay repeal of the Medicare high income tax by 6 years (presumably to pay for the repeal of EHB)

These amendments are causing some moderates to flip their “no” vote to a “yes”. We can’t let the bill pass!

Here’s what we need you to do ASAP:

1. Calls, Calls, Calls. Here’s a tool that you can share  or use SEIU’s numbers (English 866-426-2631; Spanish 877-736-7831). MAKE CALLS NOW. Matt Fuller from Huffington Post has the count at 23 No votes – 22 defeats it.
Moderates will play a pivotal role in keeping this dangerous bill from passing today. We need to call ALL moderates in ALL states. You can use this list from the New York Times but we know you know your members best. Please do everything you can to generate calls to these individuals.

Even if your Member is not a moderate, they need a phone call. Every member needs a call today. You can contact your member through the Community Catalyst take action page.

Here are the four WA Republican Congress members we need to sway. Let’s flood their phones will calls this morning before the vote.

  • Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler in DC (202) 225-3536, in Vancouver (360) 695-6292
  • Rep. Dan Newhouse in DC (202) 225-5816, in Yakima (509) 452-3243
  • Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in DC (202) 225-2006, in Spokane (509) 353-2374
  • Rep. Dave Reichert in DC (202) 225-7761, in Issaquah (877) 920-9208

Call these representatives now – even if you’ve called before. Tell them to VOTE NO on repealing our health care.

2. Turn out and amplify. There are events happening around the country – turn out in the districts. Check out for events.

3. Get out the facts. This bill is terrible and it’s getting worse. What moderates may not know is just how bad eliminating essential health benefits are.

  • Covering pre-existing conditions would only be on paper. Plans will not cover basic services, even prescription drugs, that people need to treat their conditions to stay healthy. (Here’s NHeLP’s issue brief updated yesterday on EHBs.)
  • Charging women more than men. No longer requiring plans to cover maternity care would mean that insurance companies would once again be able to penalize women and charge them more.
  • Removing Essential Health Benefits effectively obliterates out-of-pocket caps and reinstates annual and lifetime limits. Because annual and lifetime limits apply only to essential health benefits, insurers could once again put a cap on how much care one receives but not on how much people owe. Those with employer-sponsored coverage will be at risk too.

ASK: VOTE NO! We need every member to PUBLICLY oppose the health care repeal bill as soon as possible. We need people to publicly say they are going to vote no so when the time comes for them to vote we already have them on record so they will be less likely to flip.

 (Information from Community Catalyst, NHELP, and WashingtonCAN)

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