2016 Session

We are pleased to share our summaries of the 2016 Washington Legislature's actions related to health care access: 

NoHLA's summary of enacted bills   

NoHLA's summary of provisions in the Supplemental Operating Budget that relate to health care access

It's not possible to convey the complexity of the budget in this document, so we have selected specific items based on the summaries for each agency. Any new spending related to the passage of legislation is not listed in the budget - the changes are described in the summary of enacted bills.

We hope you find these summaries helpful. Please feel free to share them with others, and contact us if you have any questions. 

Our Legislative Work

Since its founding in 1999, NoHLA has promoted state-level policies that improve access to affordable, quality health care for lower-income residents. As part of that work, NoHLA:

  • Participates in broad coalitions, such as the Healthy Washington Coalition, to help identify key issues that affect health care for lower-income Washington residents.

  • Develops policy priorities and advocates for regulatory or legislative solutions.

  • Monitors state bill and budget proposals during each legislative session.