Reporting a Pregnancy in Washington Healthplanfinder

Women who report a pregnancy while receiving coverage through a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) will be screened for eligibility for Washington Apple Health for Pregnant Women (Medicaid). If eligible, they will be automatically enrolled in that program. This automated system was set up in the Washington Healthplanfinder before the federal government clarified that women in this situation have the option to remain on their Qualified Health Plan (QHP). In order to avoid the automatic transfer, the “workaround” is not reporting your pregnancy in Healthplanfinder. Make sure you consider the pros and cons of staying with your current plan or switching to Apple Health. NoHLA has worked with the state Medicaid agency and Health Benefit Exchange to create a document that compares QHP and Apple Health and describes how to keep or switch health care plans so that women can make informed decisions and take control of their coverage during pregnancy.

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